5 Travel Tips for Your Back’s Benefit

Sep 2018 | Back Pain

If you have suffered from a personal injury which makes travel challenging, you may feel like you’ve lost all control. You may not be able to go too far from home, take part in fun activities, or even enjoy trips away with family and friends. Back pain can control your life in more ways than one, so isn’t it time to act sooner rather than later? We have included some helpful travel tips to reduce back pain and give you some much-needed relief.



If you intend on going on holiday soon, with long-haul flights, car and bus rides, and train journeys all part of the package, then you may find a trip to a Dallas chiropractor before your vacation beneficial. If you think your back pain is severe now, imagine how excruciating it can be when you expect a lot of your back in new situations? If you visit a chiropractor in Dallas beforehand, you can learn about how to prevent back pain as well as alleviating it through various chiropractic techniques too.


As any chiropractor in Dallas will tell you, caring for your back by supporting it is an effective pain reducing method. Plane, train, bus, and car seats are often not designed to provide lumbar support, which means that you can suffer if you are in the same position for hours on end. Therefore, if you have suffered from an injury that makes travel painful, consider purchasing lumbar support pillows to make the journey more manageable. If you don’t have one, however, you can even roll a sweater up and support the curve in your back. What’s more, remember to support your neck when you sleep sitting up with the help of a travel pillow.



If you have injured yourself resulting in back pain, you will most likely be focusing more on your back than your feet. However, your feet can most certainly contribute to the problem. You need to support your feet to be able to support your lower back. Otherwise, the pain can gravitate toward your spine even if it did not originate there. Keep both your feet firmly planted on the ground when you are traveling, and consider a footrest (such as your backpack) if you find your seat is too high.



A significant part of a Dallas chiropractor’s job is to make sure you are doing everything possible for correct posture. After all, when you sit for long periods or don’t have a great posture, you are straining your lower back and putting stress on your spine. You can’t help that you need to remain seated, but you can do it in a way that has minimal impact on your body. Align your back to your seat, keep your head in the center of the headrest, and keep your shoulders straight.



It can feel like getting comfortable after a back injury is impossible, but with the help of the best chiropractor in Dallas, it’s entirely achievable. If you need extra help, consider the use of heat and ice. Depending on the injury, one or the other can help. What’s more, you will find there are many portable options for both heat and ice that mean you can take them on your travels with you for instant relief.



The first step to achieving better spinal health is with a trip to your chiropractor in Dallas. Accident Centers of Texas is here to help you feel like the best you. Whether you’re already suffering from a personal or auto injury or just want to feel better after a long trip, a visit to one of our eight local Dallas-Fort Worth chiropractic clinics can help. Get in touch with us today to book your free consultation.

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