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In the aftermath of a work-related injury or a motor vehicle accident, it’s common to experience significant pain, often tied to back, knee, neck and shoulder injuries. The professionals at Accident Centers of Texas and Infinity Medical Care Group offer comprehensive chiropractic care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with 8 convenient locations. We work closely with people experiencing debilitating levels of pain, offering a broad range of services, including trigger point injections and prescriptions for appropriate pain medications.

We have extensive experience helping people get healthy again after any type of accident. We understand that every situation is unique. We will conduct a full examination, so that we can help you put together and implement a customized treatment plan. We take a straightforward approach—we’ll work hard and provide the best possible care to minimize your pain and restore you to maximum health.

Recommendations for Travel during the Pandemic

We understand that we live in a mobile society, and that everyone needs a change of scenery every now and then. We believe that you can safely travel this summer, taking the right measures to protect yourself and your loved ones. It’s our perception that driving is probably a better option than flying—you’ll be with people you know and you’ll be able to exercise more control over your environment. When you drive, you can pack your own meals, avoiding the need to congregate with others in a restaurant. Rest areas may offer a better option for using the bathroom, but you’ll have less risk of finding yourself packed in with others in a confined space when you drive. If you need to go into a store, take the initiative to maintain the appropriate social distancing.

The best place to visit this summer is the great outdoors. Head to one of the many spectacular state or national parks and take a hike. Go to the mountains of Colorado or up in the high desert out west. A beach vacation isn’t necessarily out of the question—just take the extra time to find a more secluded place, one where you can maintain proper distances.

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