Most Common Auto Accident Injuries and How Your Chiropractor Can Help

Aug 2018 | Auto Injury, Back Pain, Chiropractic, Neck Pain

Every year, there are around 10 million car accidents in the United States – many of which result in both minor and severe injuries. Unfortunately, the type of injuries sustained in car accidents, such as whiplash, can take a long time to heal, and may not heal on their own, either.

Your chiropractor can help with all manner of auto accident injuries, but the first step is to contact an experienced chiropractor in Dallas. From here, they can formulate a plan that will see you far more comfortable than you thought possible.

Find out below what kind of injuries can require chiropractic care, and what you can do about it.


Even if you have an accident going no faster than two and a half miles per hour, you are at risk of developing whiplash. Whiplash is pain and discomfort, known as vertebral subluxation, in your neck and shoulder region which can last longer than six months. While some over-the-counter medication can help to relieve it, a trip to a qualified Dallas chiropractor can often be another sensible choice.

When it comes to treating whiplash effectively, there are several things your chiropractor can do. The techniques can often depend on the severity of the condition and what caused it in the first place. The first option is chiropractic adjustment, where your chiropractor will move your joints into alignment to relieve pain and discomfort.

Alongside manipulation, finger pressure techniques and muscle stimulation can also help. Your chiropractor will work to stretch your muscles, relieve the associated tension, and promote healing.

Finally, if disc derangement is a problem associated with your whiplash, then a range of McKenzie exercises could also be on the cards. Your chiropractor will perform these in an in-office session, but can also help you to do these yourself at home.


Sometimes when you’re involved in a car accident, you can irritateyour neck muscles, joints, or nerves. Even a small or minor irritationis enough to cause often-debilitating headaches. Rather than put up with them, you may find that seeing a chiropractor in Dallas is beneficial.

Spinal manipulation has been proven to be an effective form of treatment for tension headaches, neck-originating headaches, migraines, and cervicogenic headaches. To seek treatment for your auto accident-related headaches, contact your Dallas chiropractor. They may be able to improve your spinal function and alleviate your pain and discomfort.


When you are involved in a car accident, you may find your neck is stiff, sore, or painful to move. Rather than hope it heals by itself, a chiropractor can speed up that process. Often, limited motion in your neck can be caused by tight muscles or joint problems. However, if you find that you have neck instability, a visit to a Dallas chiropractor is crucial sooner rather than later.

Neck instability can be caused by a torn or stretched ligamentor even a fracture. The sooner you act, the sooner you can be on the path to healing and comfort. 


All it takes is a minor car accident, andyou can find yourself with numbness and weakness. Some people may choose to ignore this because, aside from that, they “feel fine,” but see your chiropractor in Dallas for the sake of your health.

Numbness and weakness in the region of your hands, arms, shoulders, and neck, is often caused by nerve root inflammation and compression. The first step to taking back control of your body is by making an appointment with your experienced chiropractor in Dallas. They will first work to establish the cause and extent of the

injury, before putting a treatment plan in place to relieve it. The sooner you make an appointment, the sooner you can be comfortable and at ease once more.


Even though you can find benefit in seeking treatment from a chiropractor after an auto accident, that’s not all they can do. In fact, chiropractors are jacks of all trades. They can help with back and neck pain, headaches, musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, as well as treatment of ligaments, muscles, and joints as well. What’s more, a chiropractor is also skilled in how to lead a healthy lifestyle with exercise, healthy habits, and premium nutrition.



Auto injuries may be common, but that doesn’t make them any less easy to deal with. If you find yourself in pain and discomfort as a result of a car crash, do your body a favor and seek help from a qualified chiropractor in Dallas. At Accident Centers of Texas we aim to not only make our patients better, but also make our client’s feel comfortable and informed with the treatment process. We also offer a ride service if you are unable to drive yourself. Get in touch with us today to book a free consultation and begin your treatment plan.

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