Keeping a Positive Focus During the COVID-19 Crisis

We’re six months into the most monumental event of our lives—the COVID-19 pandemic and response—and you might be finding it difficult to remain positive with everything in a state of flux. We understand.

We want to offer some thoughts and suggestions to help you stay positive over the coming months:

  • Don’t let the pandemic be the focal point of your life—Take appropriate precautions to protect yourself and others, but don’t let the coronavirus consume all your waking hours. That will only increase your stress.
  • Control the things that you can—Don’t spend time worrying about what others are doing. Take responsibility only for your own social distancing and hygiene.
  • Be willing to feel sad or frustrated—With negative emotions, the most productive response is generally to feel them and get them out as soon as possible. Such emotions canstrengthen the longer you hang on to them; letting them out early is usually a healthier approach.
  • Let yourself be distracted—Hypervigilance can be exhausting. Watch a movie.Play some board games.Play with the dog. Relaxing will do you a world of good.
  • Remember that the pandemic will have an end—All the scientific evidence indicates that the virus has a lifespan. In Wuhan, China, where the virus was first identified, life has already returned to normal. Be patient and this eventually will be behind us.

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