Welcome to Accident Centers of Texas! Our team of professional and highly qualified Dallas car accident doctors is here to provide you with exceptional chiropractic care. We understand that you are seeking relief from pain and discomfort, and we are committed to delivering second-to-none care to help you feel better.
But what if we told you that our services go beyond just alleviating your current pain? At Accident Centers of Texas, we also focus on identifying the root cause of your pain and developing a plan to improve your overall health and reduce the risk of future pain and injury.
Our Dallas chiropractors specialize in a range of services, including auto injury, personal injury, sports injuries, and work injuries. We are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible, and you can learn more about our specialty services below. Thank you for choosing Accident Centers of Texas for your chiropractic needs!

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Car Accident Injury

Regrettably, car accidents are all too prevalent, and the consequences can be severe. Even if you may not experience discomfort immediately after your car accident, it might become practically unbearable over time. If you’re suffering from the aftereffects of a vehicle accident, come to our Dallas car accident injury chiropractors.

The most frequent injuries caused by an automobile accident are mentioned here, but they don’t have to interfere with your life…

Speak to our Dallas chiropractors about what they can do for you. There are several treatments available, including heat and cold therapy, ultrasounds, physical therapy, and spinal adjustments.

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Personal Injury

If you find yourself in agony due to a personal injury, you can rely on our personal injury specialists in Dallas to get to the source of the problem. We can assist you if you are in pain due to a slip, a fall, sports injuries, work-related injuries, or even impact injuries. Our Dallas injury chiropractor staff has extensive expertise in giving chiropractic adjustments, relieving pain, increasing circulation, and lowering inflammation as a result of a personal accident.

Our high level of care seeks to return you to an active lifestyle with better strength, no discomfort, and restored muscle balance. Don’t tolerate pain and agony as a result of a personal harm.

Contact our Dallas chiropractors to learn how we can help you feel better.

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General Chiropractic

According to our chiropractic belief system, when you obtain a chiropractic adjustment, you gain from structural integrity restoration, which is followed by an improvement in your health. If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort, give our Dallas injury chiropractors a call to discuss basic chiropractic treatments that may be of assistance.

Our services include assistance with: 

  • Neck Ache
  • Shoulder Ache
  • Knee Pain
  • Whiplash
  • Wrist Ache
  • Ankle Ache
  • Headaches
  • Low back pain

Our objective is to provide all-natural treatment that not only relieves symptoms but also addresses the underlying cause. Get in contact with our Dallas chiropractor to discuss personalised treatment options for you.

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