General Chiropractic


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If you have general aches and pains, are recuperating from an injury, or have chronic pain, it’s time to see the Accident Centers of Texas team. Our Dallas chiropractors are educated to provide an efficient, non-invasive, and entirely natural treatment that will relieve your pain now and in the future.

Whatever your pain, aches, or discomfort, a Dallas chiropractor can help with a variety of common chiropractic services. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chronic pain and general aches and pains are all too frequent, but instead of addressing the underlying cause, many individuals turn to medications like acetaminophen. Medication can disguise symptoms but does not fix the problem. Long-term drug usage may not be in your best interests, particularly when non-invasive and effective chiropractic care might assist.

If you have lower back pain, acetaminophen medications such as Aspirin and Tylenol have been shown to be ineffective. As a result, there is no better time than the present to investigate alternative therapies like chiropractic therapy.

Spinal Adjustment, Exercises and Stretching

Spinal adjustments are effective for a variety of ailments, and your Dallas chiropractor will discuss the best technique for you. Your chiropractor will often use his or her hands, or instruments, to conduct spinal adjustments that will enhance your quality of life. The objective is to restore your spine’s natural alignment and balance while also relieving pain, stiffness, and pressure from muscles and joints.

Whiplash, headaches, and sciatica can all be treated with spinal adjustments. When you see a Dallas chiropractor for spinal adjustments, you may expect a significant improvement in body processes as well as improved physical performance.

Your body will need time to recuperate after an accident or injury. You may be given advice on stretches and exercises to help your body recuperate after visiting a chiropractor in Dallas for an initial evaluation and treatment. Exercises and stretches are especially helpful if you’ve had an auto injury, such as whiplash, or any musculoskeletal condition that requires you to regain coordination, strength, and mobility.

Accident Centers of Texas offers more than simply spinal adjustments. Our Dallas chiropractors provide the whole package, including diet and lifestyle guidance. We can provide pleasant information that puts you on the right track to prevent aggravating your injuries or exacerbating chronic problems, and we can even offer dietary suggestions for decreasing weight if it helps with joint discomfort. Moreover, we can propose specific food regimens that can lessen the impact your ailment or injury has on your body.