Chiropractic Care: An Alternative Treatment Plan

Jul 2018 | Back Pain, Chiropractic, Headaches, Neck Pain

Chiropractic care gives a holistic way to treat and prevent and treat common aches and pains. Those who see a chiropractor routinely may notice improvement in muscular performance, range of motion, endurance, flexibility, increased blood flow, and may prevent further injuries. Spinal adjustments will reduce the irritation of the nerve roots between the vertebrae, which means the healing time from minor injuries can be shortened and will essentially improve performance in the long run.


A chiropractor is a medical professional who is able to diagnose and treat a various amount of symptoms that you may experience due to musculoskeletal and nervous system issues and/or injuries. A chiropractor can treat many symptoms at any age. They are able to treat symptoms that sometimes are thought of as behavioral symptoms or even breathing issues. Your spine can affect everything within the body without giving the feeling of any pain or discomfort around the spine itself.



In recent studies from 2014 to 2017 there has been an improvement on researching rate of use, reasons and type of care the chiropractor provided their patients. Most of these statistics have been able to show long term results due to the update in communication and length of time chiropractors have been around. Currently, chiropractors practice in over 100 countries in which 90 of these have national chiropractic associations. It is most commonly used in the United States and Europe and provides a substantial portion of care for low back pain and neck pain patients. In a report discussing the results of a 7 year survey in the U.S. alone, 68% of surveyed adults said they have visited an alternative care physician within the previous year. In this same report 66.9% of patients sought treatment from a chiropractor. And a total of 70.5% of all patients were treated for spinal pain.


  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Leg strains
  • Sore or achy muscles
  • Neck pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • TMJ (jaw pain)
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis


The spine is the most important organism within the human body. It contains many pain-sensitive tissues such as joints, muscles, nerves, discs and ligaments. The spine will communicate with the nervous system to the brain. Any abnormal position patterns in the spinal column can cause an irregular amount of stress and strain on the nerves, tissues and muscles in the body.

Anyone at any age can benefit from seeing a chiropractor. There are several issues that someone might have that lead to injury and choose to see a chiropractor instead of primary care physicians to seek better, more natural results. Even a completely healthy individual can still improve mobility and function from seeing a chiropractor regularly. An enormous reason of muscle or spinal damage to most patients is asymmetry in the body. It is common that any person can have a preferable position or a preferable side of strength. It could be a strength difference on the left or right side or issues with mobility and flexibility. Chiropractic adjustments have been known to be consistently better than other medical options in reducing the intensity of acute low back pain and repairing both short term and long term functions. A chiropractor can properly adjust the body to align and reduce tension throughout using soft tissue massages and risk of injury is reduced so there is not so much stress and tension on the muscles that lack strength or flexibility.


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