Using a Chiropractor to Manage Fibromyalgia

Oct 2017 | Chiropractic, Muscle Pain, Stress


In today’s world, there are so many new diseases and a lot of new advances to treat these diseases. However, there are no cures for fibromyalgia, and since 2011 over 8% of the United States population have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and this percentage is double the amount of women than men. While no one is certain how or why people develop fibromyalgia, it has been linked to traumatic events such as car accidents. If you are having continued symptoms after a car accident, give your local Dallas auto injury chiropractor a call and set up a consultation.


Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects the central nervous system. So many symptoms occur from this disease that it is often times misdiagnosed. Some of the symptoms that may occur are irritable bowel, depression, temporary paralysis or numbness, dramatic signs of exhaustion, insomnia, loss of memory, sensitivity to light, sound and temperature, as well as chronic pain and misplacement of pain. There are no signs of the condition in most medical testing. Blood tests, MRI’s, CT scans nor x-rays are able to show this newer medical condition. Most family doctors are not able to diagnose this disease and a majority of professionals find this condition within lines of a debatable diagnosis because of the list of symptoms it creates. It is so newly discovered that it has not been discussed in most medical studies prior to 1990. So how does a clinical specialist diagnose fibromyalgia? With a combination of the symptoms and genetic information provided by the ailed, most professionals are able to use pressure points in the body to diagnose a patient with fibromyalgia. There are about 12 different pressure points in the body that can be touched that will show extra sensitivity and pain in all patients with fibromyalgia.


Since this condition affects the central nervous system it falls on a fine line of neurology and pain management. While it is an incurable disease a patient who is diagnosed is typically treated within the field of pain management, such as a chiropractor. Besides changing eating habits and regular exercising most diagnosed patients will consult with holistic professionals to avoid the affects and dependency of controlled substances and opioids. Chiropractors are often the professionals enlisted to help manage these symptoms. Most patients do have to change daily routines in order to manage and control the symptoms even if medication is used as a form of treatment. However, the fybromyalgia chiropractic treatment professionals that help with a majority of chronic pain symptoms without use of medications are able to guide patients on management in order to avoid dependency and long term issues from the medications that are known to help mask the symptoms that arise with fibromyalgia.


If you have been diagnosed or believe you may be suffering from fibromyalgia because of the list of symptoms, pressure points, and known genetic attributes, consult your local Dallas chiropractor to help guide and build a healthy, constructive plan of treatment and management.

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