Electro Stimulation Therapy

Oct 2017 | Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Neck Pain

Electro stimulation therapy has been used in many therapy and chiropractic techniques for muscle spams, pain, and injuries. There are several different types of electro stimulation therapy that can treat various amounts of pain or injuries, including injuries from car accidents. Muscle injuries are the most typical injury to be treated with electro stimulation therapy. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS) are the most common form of electrotherapy. If you have a muscle injury due to a car wreck do not assume it will go away on it’s own, contact an auto injury chiropractor.


With TENS, your local Dallas chiropractor can treat injuries with an electric current sent through an electrode into the injured muscle area that will cause the muscles to tense, tighten, and contract. These contractions are acting as if the muscles are being used without actual physical motion. When this happens a patient is able to recover faster by building a small amount of muscle and creating the chemicals your body needs in order to repair the muscles or ligaments by contraction and relaxing similar to lifting weights. During the electro stimulation treatment you will experience a tingling or buzzing feeling and your muscles contracting. A TENS unit is portable and can be used not only in the chiropractor’s office, but also at home and can be a very inexpensive form of therapy for those considering constant use. Most health professionals who use TENS will often suggest about 30 minute sessions 4 times a day for a noticeable difference. TENS treatment can be used over a long period of time and maintained easily, but does take time in order for the affects to be noticed and these affects are only temporary.


Your chiropractor may use percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (PENS) or electroacupuncture, which has shown in some studies to help relieve nerve pain. PENS will relieve some muscle weakness, headaches, pain with movement, back pain, numbness, tingling or sensitivity. If you have been in an accident, you may be experiencing some or all of these symptoms. Don’t hesitate to call a Chiropractor in Dallas as you should not put off rehabilitating your body. PENS uses a needle that is inserted just below the skin to transmit electrical impulses. It is minimally invasive and since it can get closer to the muscle and nerves it can be used for someone who wasn’t able to experience relief from TENS. Sometimes during injury, the muscles may be harder to reach due to physical barriers such as scar tissue or extra body mass.


When deciding a treatment plan for pain consult your local chiropractor. Both forms of stimulation are often used with other forms of therapy. TENS will not build muscle unless used for a recommended length of time and with that will only be a small amount of muscle. Both forms of therapy have been seen to have positive affects. However, these affects are not guaranteed as everyone heals at a different pace depending on the injury or symptoms. For further questions or finding out if this treatment is right for you contact Accident Centers of Texas and book your free consultation today.

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