How a Dallas Chiropractor Reduces Back Pain

Oct 2017 | Back Pain, Chiropractic


When you have experienced trauma in your back, such as a car accident, problems can be consistent for years to come if you don’t see a Dallas Chiropractor. Sometimes these problems can lead to more issues with nerve damage if not cared for or managed. Chiropractic care can help with any lower back pain from a pulled or strained muscle. These kinds of injuries can occur because of whip lash caused by car accidents. Remembering back as a child, my father consistently complained of lower back pain. I would laugh and tell him he was getting old. Not thinking that any minor car wreck, sport injury, or weightlifting, in my teens could be the karma for laughing. People tend to damage the muscles around their spine much more frequently than they notice. A small tingle or sharp stabbing pain might not be anything serious because it doesn’t last for longer than a couple of minutes. However, these pains and tingles are your body trying to warn you of irregularities. Pay attention to these signs. When you feel a sharp pain or annoyance in your lower back, make sure to consult with a Dallas chiropractor. It might not be until years later that after wear on your body that these pains can actually become quite significant.


When a Dallas chiropractor intakes a patient they will review x-rays and provided information of trauma or cause of the pain. They will consult you on your first visit as to what their recommendation would be to help with any pain management, and then they will begin a treatment plan once reviewing all lab results. The manipulation of the spine may not appear as appealing as taking a pill, but medications prescribed from a doctor can only mask the pain, not diminish or rid the pain. To continue living an active lifestyle after an auto injury or another type of accident without medications or along a medicinal treatment plan after a lower back trauma, a Dallas chiropractor can help provide routine spinal manipulation that could possibly reduce all pain up to 80% after a trauma. Spinal manipulation begins with a patient laying on a table while the Dallas chiropractor will apply pressure to certain areas around the spine to work the tissues and muscles back into working condition. After pressure is applied to certain areas the chiropractor will position the patient to manipulate around certain areas of the spinal discs depending on what may need adjusting. Typically, this is where you will hear the back making a “pop” sound. Once the manipulation is finished there will be a possible massage and stretching of the irritated muscles and tissue areas to give the best possible results.


Keep in mind that sometimes after a one time visit you may see immediate results but consult with your Dallas chiropractor if you plan on stopping the treatment plan. It is best to continue along the treatment plan provided to ensure that you have completely minimized all pain from reoccurring. Review all care instructions provided by the chiropractor and ensure to manage all pain treatment plans to keep your body in a normal routine. Contact Accident Centers of Texas today for a FREE consultation and let us help you with your back pain. We’re not just qualified, we care!

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