Chronic Pain Can Lead to Depression

Oct 2017 | Back Pain, Headaches, Neck Pain, Stress


There are several issues that can stem from back pain. One of those issues would be depression. A lot of times the two can almost create a circle of distress. Typically, depression can be seen in a lot of people who suffer from chronic back pain and vice versa.


Pain can be often times be hard to deal with in someone’s daily life. Often times pain will make it difficult to sleep, difficult to move, and difficult to focus on anything but the pain. You should contact your local Dallas chiropractor if you are having these symptoms. Chronic neck and back pain due to a car accident can often times lead to physical limitations at work or with leisure family or friend activities. These are all symptons a qualified auto injury chiropractor can treat. Most people will endure a strain on their social lives and financial strain due to the chronic pain and the medical bills it comes with. When this happen studies have shown that the overwhelming thought of daily pain and rising expenses can control one’s own happiness causing depression, but chiropractic care can be much less expensive than the traditional approach lessening both the pain and financial burden.


Contrariwise, patients who experience depression often times are more susceptible to back pain. In 2000 a Linton study, researchers found that out of 16 cases 14 of those were developing back pain due to the depression. Researchers have found that issues such as anxiety, negative thoughts, and depression can impact not only the way someone’s brain functions but also can impact healing from spinal surgery. To date, anxiety and depression affects almost 55 million adults. While not as prevalent in our society as anxiety, depression still is one of the leading disabilities in adults under 35 years of age.The spine, neck, and and nervous system are the body’s main wiring to the brain. This is where all of your physical and mental notes are made and how they are sent to your brain. Because of this, anytime external affliction is caused your brain is sent a wave of stress and tension. These signals can start showing more than physical symptoms but may start as tension headaches, stiff neck, back pain, and even an upset stomach. These symptoms may be alleviated by your local Dallas chiropractor using spinal adjustment or decompression techniques.


When you are being treated by a chiropractor in Dallas, the stress and tension relief that a great chiropractor can offer are a holistic approach to being treated for depression. Regular visits can help start not only treating the depression but also treating symptoms that follow. Anxiety, irritable bowel, and thoughts of hopelessness triggered by traumatic events. Since medication can cause other issues and some patients can even become dependent, people often seek holistic approaches such as oils, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. Patients who seek holistic care can try these techniques to cure both depression and chronic pain and see results almost instantly but must maintain treatment and care in order to prevent the use of medications. If you feel you are in need of any of these services don’t hesitate to contact Accident Centers of Texas today. We’re not just qualified, we care!

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