Whiplash and Chiropractic Therapy

Dec 2017 | Auto Injury, Chiropractic, Neck Pain

Whiplash can be diagnosed, treated and cared for within the scope of a Chiropractor in Dallas-Fort Worth without the use of surgery or medication.

Whiplash is a traumatic injury in the neck due to a “whip-like” motion of the spinal column in the neck area, lots of times resulting from auto accidents. This can cause restricted movement in the neck due to acute or a prolong muscle strain around the neck.


A chiropractor will start with a full evaluation of the spine. Pain may subside only in the neck area but other areas of the spine may be affected as well. During the evaluation, your chiropractor will typically order an MRI to show if there has been any intervertebral disc injury. They will also check for restricted motion of the joints, any ligament injuries as well as visible muscle spasms. The chiropractor would use a very simple static diagnostic technique involving touch to feel for tight and tender muscles. They will also perform a physical movement test to evaluate the spine and joint ease of motion and if there are visible or verbal signs from the patient of pain. Once all of this has been done your Dallas chiropractor will establish a treatment plan for both physical and neurological issues they have found.


Once a diagnostic treatment plan has been created there are a copious amount of therapy techniques that a chiropractic clinic may use that are both noninvasive and homeopathic. There would be techniques such as manipulation and stretching as well as therapeutic massages. The chiropractor may also suggest at-home self-therapy such as heat or ice, creams, sprays, spinal support or stretching. During the first several days of acute whiplash therapy, it is suggested to use ice to minimize the swelling or inflammation of the muscles. Once pain has started to decrease and swelling has dissipated heat can be used to bring relief to the muscles and joints surrounding the spine.

The treatment options will depend on the severity and length of time of the sustained whiplash injury. During the plan’s time frame for healing, the most common version of treatment will be manual therapy or manipulation of the spine. Common manual therapy techniques used are:

  • flexion-distraction technique: A slow pumping technique that is used to be gentle and non-thrusting.
  • instrument-assisted manipulation: A gentle form of manual therapy that uses a handheld tool.
  • specific spinal manipulation: Manipulation using a gentle thrusting motion while the chiropractor identifies joints that show abnormal motion or restricted movement. This type of manipulation will stretch soft tissue around the joints.

Other forms of therapy used during a visit with the chiropractor are:

  • ultrasound
  • trigger point therapy
  • therapeutic massage
  • instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy
  • manual joint stretching and resistance training
  • transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation


At Chiropractic Healthcare Center a local chiropractor will examine your entire spine, performance of the body, as well as reexamine after each visit for therapy, to review improvement and to ensure each patient receives the best outcome. They will examine each patient individually to give the best form of therapy, not all patients are treated identically.

Within 6 weeks time most patients will see improvement of at least 30% to 90% in function and daily activity. Most acute whiplash can dissipate within several months with manual manipulation. Using these techniques, a chiropractor can be the best and least invasive form of therapy. So if you’re suffering from whiplash due to an auto accident or other type of injury, contact Accident Centers of Texas today!

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