Walking Techniques for Better Posture

Aug 2017 | Back Pain, Chiropractic, Muscle Pain

Walking is an exercise that a majority of the masses can participate in. It is a low impact exercise that can provide benefits of longevity. A stat shows that over 80 million Americans are considered walkers. There are many places you see walkers. Parks, Neighborhoods, Tracks, Malls, etc. While we all walk on an everyday basis, we lack the necessary walking techniques to keep a balanced body.

A study shows that most people don’t walk properly. Majority of our jobs require us to sit for majority of the day. Because of this, we walk with our hips flexed and our back arched. Use following are tips when you are exercising or in your daily routine:

Proper Walking Techniques:

  • Walk With Your Head Held High
  • When Walking, Look Forward, Not Down Or At Your Phone
  • Your Chin Should Be Parallel To The Gorund
  • Move Your Shoulders Naturally – Accomplish This Hands Free From Mobile Devices
  • Swing your arms freely with your elbows slightly bent.
  • Gently tighten your stomach muscles
  • Wear appropriate walking shoes & walk by rolling your foot from heel to toe

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