How Spinal Decompression Can Help After an Injury

Nov 2017 | Back Pain


Spinal decompression by your auto injury chiropractor involves stretching the spine using a device that will relieve back, neck, or leg pain. Decompression devices used by your Dallas chiropractor use a nonsurgical method to stretch one or several problems that may have occurred for patients, including but not limited to bulging discs, herniated discs, pinched nerve, or degenerating discs.


Spinal decompression is based on a theory involving several therapeutic benefits. When a muscle or the spinal disc is stretched out the pressure will lead to a promotion of repositioning and retraction of the muscle and material surrounding the bones. This will create a lower pressure where the issue lies providing more release of fluid for the body to heal in a natural, faster way. When an injury occurs the nerve root pain is referred to as a herniated disc and a pinched nerve is called sciatica. These are very common issues that occur with spinal injuries. They more times than not will cause little to no pain upon injury. It isn’t until later that these areas can be injured again causing a pain that may radiate to other parts of the body, which is why you should always call your auto injury chiropractor after a car wreck. Legs and neck are very common reactors to the nerve root and pinching pains. However, unlike the other symptoms a degenerative disc can cause a weakness or radiating numbness through the spine. With the right healing time and treatment from their Dallas chiropractor, someone with degenerative disc disease will actually get bet better over time, not worse as most people may think.


You are able to visit a chiropractor in Dallas, osteopaths, or other trained health professionals for several different treatment options. These options also include surgical decompression as well as a long term nonsurgical therapy such as a posture pump, lumbar decompression pump, flexion and decompression traction table, inversion therapy or pressure change therapy. With these forms of manual manipulation most people do like to administer or will find it beneficial to administer this therapy at home after speaking with a medical professional on what would be best recommended along side treatment and guidance in a medical office. It is not recommended to do this without medical supervision, some of these therapy forms can be more hazardous if not properly guided or taught. Whenever seeking spinal pain relief always speak to your medical professional prior to self administered treatment.


If you have obtained a personal injury due to a car accident, work, or some other personal injury, contact Accident Centers of Texas immediately. Even if you do not feel pain right away it is always best to get checked out in order to best prevent long term injury and chronic pain.

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