Why Get a Spinal Adjustment After a Car Accident?

Dec 2017 | Auto Injury, Chiropractic, Neck Pain


A spinal adjustment for decompression consist of stretching the spine possibly using a device that will relieve back, neck, or leg pain. Spinal adjustment decompression devices are seen as a nonsurgical practice used by chiropractors to extend and alleviate one or several of the consistent problems that may have occurred for patients after a car accident or trauma. These issues can include but are not limited to bulging discs, herniated discs, pinched nerve or degenerating discs. Spinal decompression has been known to shorten the healing time needed to recover from any major or minor trauma injury.


Based on a theory that spinal decompression from an adjustment is beneficial to spinal care provided by your Dallas chiropractor, many chiropractors in Dallas-Fort Worth have increased the use of devices used to stretch the spine. It has been viewed that when a muscle, tissue, or the spinal disc, is stretched out the pressure will lead to an advancement of repositioning and retraction of the muscle and material surrounding the bones. This will create a smaller amount of pressure where the issue lies providing a larger release of fluid for the body to heal in a natural, faster way.

When an auto accident occurs and results in injury, several different issues could occur to the spine. Primarily, the pain in the muscles after whiplash could be extending from a nerve. The nerve root pain is referred to as a herniated disc. If the nerve becomes pinched between two adjacent discs the pinched nerve is called sciatica. Both a herniated disc and sciatica are very common issues that occur with spinal injuries from trauma or car accidents. They more times than not will cause little to no pain upon occurrence of the injury. Sometimes another smaller less traumatic incident could cause these areas to become injured again causing a pain that may radiate to other parts of the body. Legs and neck are very common reactors to the nerve root and pinching pains.

Unlike sciatica or herniated discs, degenerative discs can result after longer periods of time and wear on the body following a traumatic accident. Degenerative disc can cause a weakness or radiating numbness throughout the spine. With the right healing time and treatment someone with degenerative disc disease will actually get bet better over time, not worse as most people may think. Spinal adjustment decompression used on a consistent basis has been linked to results of digression of degenerative disc disease.


You are able to contact and visit a Accident Centers of Texas for several different treatment options using a spinal adjustment decompression. These options also include spinal decompression as well as a long term nonsurgical therapy such as a posture pump, lumbar decompression pump, flexion and decompression traction table, inversion therapy or pressure change therapy. Chiropractic care is typically the first recommended after a car accident since it uses a homeopathic approach. Our Dallas-Forth Chiropractors will use both tables and pumps with most of their treatment options within their field of manual manipulation. After the chiropractor has explained the treatment options available and time frame for recovery needed, you may ask about purchasing and using a posture pump or lumber decompression pump at home for continued relief and faster recovery.

With Accident Centers of Texas you never have to worry about your location in Dallas-Fort Worth either. We have locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Garland, Frisco, Irving, Oak Cliff, and Pleasant Grove. We also have a transportation service if you are unable to get yourself to one of our locations. So if you’re in an auto accident, be sure to contact Accident Centers of Texas right away!

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