Acute & Chronic Neck Pain Therapy

Mar 2018 | Chiropractic, Neck Pain

Neck pain can be the cause of an array of disabilities and is a universal condition by affected musculoskeletal disorders. Neck pain can also attribute to pain spreading down through the spine, arms, or cause headaches. Manipulation is a form of treatment adjusting the spine while mobilization is the forced movement of joints and muscles. Either can be used together or with a combination of other neck treatment options.


Spinal manipulation and mobilization are common forms of chiropractic treatment that have been used since the inception of chiropractic care. In a recent study, 51 trails were reviewed and updated proving that sub-acute or chronic neck pain showed favor by chiropractic manipulation. Most patients that experienced neck pain, either acute or sub-acute, showed pain relief results with multiple sessions of thoracic manipulation. During this time period, 34 of these trials were compared to other forms of treatment. Cervical manipulation produced positive results for pain, function and all around quality of life for all patients. Cervical manipulation was proven more effective than various combinations of muscle relaxants, analgesics, and over the counter anti-inflammatories.
Mobilization in combination with regular home stretching 3-5 times per week as well as moderate exercise with two 1-hour training sessions either with a therapist or at home can be beneficial. Both manipulation and mobilization showed immediate short-term results when done within two week sessions lasting at least 1 hour.


In a separate study it was found that spinal manipulation along with low impact rehabilitative exercise was more beneficial compared to either alone. In a three month period chronic neck pain sufferers saw results in:

  • Pain intensity
  • Isometric strength
  • Health-related quality of life
  • Perceived disability
  • Reduction in neck pain
  • Endurance

The study updates provided by Hudson and Ryan suggested that neck pain is one of the most predominant and expensive conditions. There was a global report of 20% of the population that have chronic neck pain. The condition has lead to an increase in health care usage among the general population. Compensation, health care provision, and loss of productivity due to paid time off usage for pain management issues has been a monetary loss for the United States.


The prevalence per year has increased drastically for nonspecific neck pain by up to 50%. Reoccurring pain is reported by 85% of patients in 1 to 5 years after initial report. Complete recovery is uncommon but possible, however most patients will experience episodes. While treatment for neck pain during chiropractic care is sought by patients, it is usually integrated in full spinal alignment in order to avoid other problems. Your Chiropractor in Dallas-Fort Worth will utilize chiropractic treatments are usually aligned with heat and ice, massages, trigger point therapy, and strength and stretching exercises for the best results. Spinal manipulation therapy is one of the most recommended treatment options for chronic neck pain for both long-term benefits and short-term benefits.
Mobilization is recommended for treatment of acute neck pain for short-term relief in combination with moderate exercise. The intervention and management of pain treatment should be supervised and monitored. Proper training is necessary for any mobilization or at home exercise in order to receive the most positive benefits.
All studies indicate that cervical manipulation and therapy, exercise and massages are best provided by a chiropractic treatment for nonspecific neck pain. Typically, any treatment option is best suited for all patients when paralleled with other forms of therapy, exercises or stretches.


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