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Sports Injuries


Workplace Injuries Chiropractor In Texas

Have you recently injured yourself at your workplace and need a Chiropractor to relieve your pain?

Accident Centers Of Texas has been fixing workplace Injury and relieving pain since 1979.

Young athletes, high-performance athletes, and adults who enjoy recreational sports all have a risk of suffering a sports injury.

When you get injured, it can affect your everyday life on top of your performance and playing time.

Seeing a Chiropractor when you suffered sports injuries can help to restore your body’s full range of motion as well as help to prevent future injuries.


Injury Exam

At Accident Center Of Texas Clinic, we will examine your sports injuries through a range of motion tests, muscle palpation, x-ray analysis, and if needed an MRI.


Injury Diagnosis

After your exam, the chiropractor will provide a comprehensive diagnosis on what is causing your pain conditions and what treatments will be needed to get you relief as quickly as possible.


Injury Treatment

Our clinic has cutting-edge treatment options to deal with slip and fall accident injuries. Our treatment solutions will be customized to meet your individual needs.


Manual Chiropractic Therapy Treatments

Aside from the Worker Compensation Treatments we offer, you may receive other manual chiropractic treatments to treat your work injury. In addition to manual therapies, therapeutic exercises may be recommended.

These exercises can help to improve the overall range of motion in your neck and prevent neck pain from progressing. All of the treatments available are examples of possible chiropractic treatments for neck pain; your actual treatment plan will depend on your diagnosis.

Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Therapy

Uses special stainless steel instruments designed specifically to diagnose and treat muscle tension.

Manual Joint Stretching And Resistance Techniques

Helps to reduce any neck pain (or other similar symptoms) you may be experiencing.

Therapeutic Massages

Helps to relax tensed or strained muscles and alleviate pain.

Trigger Point Therapy

a manual chiropractic therapy used to relieve tight, painful points on an irritated muscle.

Interferential Electrical Stimulation

uses a low-frequency electrical current to stimulate neck muscles.


Sends sound waves into your muscle tissues to help reduce pain and stiffness in your neck and back.

Workers Compensation Injury Help

Stop the pain at an Arrowhead Clinic office.
At Arrowhead Clinic, you will receive medical care and rehabilitation for your injuries.

If you were injured at work, and are wondering what to do after a work injury, it is essential to take the right steps, not only maximize your worker’s compensation monetary benefits but to also ensure that your injuries are being treated properly.

What Should I Tell My Chiropractor About My Work Injury?

As with any doctor visit, you should tell your Chiropractor every detail about your injury.

You need to be honest and accurate when describing what pain you are having, where it is, how often, and how painful. Medical professionals still rely on patients to report on any symptoms they are having and what difficulties they are experiencing.

Some injuries, like soft tissue damage, can be more subjective than others, which means it is even more crucial for you to communicate honestly about your pain. Even if you think that some of the symptoms you are experiencing are minor, let your Chiropractor know about it.

Sometimes a seemingly harmless symptom can turn into something significant in a few weeks’ time. It is also important to remember that you should not speculate answers to questions you are unsure about. If you are asked a question during your medical exam that you do not know, say exactly that.

Workplace Injury Chiropractic Care FAQ's

Common workplace injuries include:

  • slip and fall injuries
  • back pain
  • sprains
  • neck pain
  • broken bones
  • pulled muscles

These are just some of the common injuries that occur from a workplace accident.

If you are injured while working there are many reasons that seeing a chiropractor is the best treatment.  Chiropractors use non-invasive treatments for injuries without the need for prescription medication.

For the best treatment call Arrowhead Clinic today for a free consultation.