Dallas-Fort Worth Personal Injury Chiropractic Services

AAt Accident Centers of Texas, our Dallas chiropractors take your injuries seriously. If you’re in pain, our team will do their best to alleviate your discomfort and provide you with knowledge and advice to prevent that injury from reoccurring. Visit Accident Centers of Texas and get chiropractic care for your personal injuries.

Our aim is also not only to provide relief from pain but also to arm you with the proper knowledge to see you return to an active, healthy lifestyle. This might include muscular balance and strengthening exercises, as well as techniques to reduce inflammation and improve flexibility. We aim to provide a service that alleviates pain, improves mobility, and helps you get back to work or the activities you love as soon as possible. Depending on your injury, we also offer recovery services.

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Dallas, TX, Personal Injury Chiropractors

Anyone can find themselves in pain and discomfort due to a slip-and-fall accident at work or being injured on private property. Our goal is first to assess you, then provide a suitable chiropractic service plan tailored to your condition. Our personal injury chiropractors provide the best care.

Personal Injuries Can Include:

  • Whiplash, headaches, pain in your neck, back, and joints, and concussions as a result of an injury sustained on private property.
  • Pain in your arms, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and back results from a slip or fall.
  • Muscle strains, joint and back pain, tennis elbow, concussions, or knee pain due to a sports injury.
  • Pain as a result of violence or assault.
  • And more…

What Can Our Personal Injury Chiropractors in DFW Do for Your Pain?

If you find yourself with a personal injury, you must seek help from a medical professional like a personal injruy chiropractor. When you see one of our personal injury chiropractors in Dallas-Fort Worth, rest assured we will do all we can to get to the cause of your problem and take action.

We approach all personal injury patients with care and provide a tailored service. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to chiropractic care, so we ensure the treatment we offer is second-to-none for your exact condition.

Our most common approach to personal injuries is making chiropractic adjustments. Doing so helps to position your spine and joints so that pain is eliminated. By correcting your spine, we are also able to alleviate pain as a result of bones that may be pressing on nerves.

Chiropractic adjustments for personal injuries are also beneficial for increasing circulation in and around the area of your injury, as well as removing inflammation that may be causing additional pain.

Recovery for Personal Injury

The road to recovery when you have sustained a personal injury can be long. Still, by taking advantage of recovery services, like personal injury chiropractic care, you may find your recovery goes a lot smoother than if you were to go it alone.

Our recovery strategies are all about helping to maintain and improve movement and functionality while still ensuring that pain and inflammation are relieved at the same time. You can benefit from help with strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and coordination, all the while recovering at your own pace. Recovery is an integral part of recovery, and our personal injury chiropractors in Dallas can help you to heal in a professional and beneficial setting.

Talk to our chiropractors in Dallas about what they can do for you. There are several options available for treatment, such as hot and cold therapy, ultrasounds, physical recovery and spinal adjustments. Ask about our new patient complimentary consultation.