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We are looking for Rehab Techs for our offices located at:

  • 202 W. Central Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76164
  • 3043 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76015
  • 1311 Marketplace Dr., # 144. Garland, TX 75041
  • 2445 S Buckner Blvd., #150, Dallas, TX 75227

Recovery Technician Roles and Responsibilities

  • Must understand and follow the treatment plan. If there is anything you are not certain about you must ask the treating doctor.
  • Each patient has to have a minimum of 4 to 5 modalities complete for each office visit. Rehab Tech must be present at the time of therapy and follow up with Chiropractor.
  • You must have full knowledge and training of all passive modalities which include: EMS, Ultrasound, Hot and Cold pack, Intersegmental Traction, Massage Protocol.
  • You must have full knowledge and training of all active modalities for cervical, lumber, thoracic spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand joint, hip, knee, ankle and foot rehab.
  • Rehab Tech must be able to follow Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 protocol and document them.
  • Assure that all patients start rehab therapy as early as second visit.
  • Must be familiar with the treatment timing goal of 15 minutes at the initial stage and work up to 25-30 minutes. You must be aware of the treatment unites and familiar with the time base format.
  • Rehab Tech must be with patient as much as possible and monitor recovery therapy.
  • You must communicate with the treating doctor regarding any type of difficult with patient as well as their progress.
  • Support patient intake and assessment
  • Assist in maintaining patient charts
  • Assist in arranging patient transportation when needed
  • Assist Clinic Manager with referral follow ups and maintain patient charts daily
  • Responsible for keeping therapy and treatment areas sanitized and organized
  • It is vital that to acknowledge ACT never refuses a patient
  • Must be able to manage and maintain patient flow, especially during busy hours and throughout the day.

Preferred Skills

Rehab Technicians must be skilled in speaking, active listening, service orientation, writing and critical thinking.

We are looking for Clinic Manager for our offices located at:

  • 202 W. Central Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76164
  • 2300 W Illinois Ave., Oak Cliff, TX 75224
  • 1311 Marketplace Dr., #140, Garland, TX 75041


  • Maintain an operating environment that assures effective, efficient, and safe operation of the clinic and responds to patient and clinic needs in a timely manner.
  • Supervise patient scheduling, registration, medical records, data entry and maintain all front desk duties.
  • Serve as the go-to person for all clinic concerns
  • Coordination of day to day clinic operations and ensure patient satisfaction
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with HIPAA, OSHA labor laws, and other federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Follow proper greeting protocols with lobby guests, patients, and over the phone.
  • Maintain cleanliness and organize all areas of the clinic, front desk, and treatment areas.
  • Must communicate all information regarding new patients in a timely manner and get all referrals sent out.
  • Communicate with the driver and clinic staff to assure patient transportation.
  • Review patient records, referrals, releases, and medical requests daily.
  • Maintain tracking system and follow up with all patient referrals and service dates.
  • Must have full knowledge of new patient procedures, initial examination and re-examination, patient chart release, and audit according to the ACT Employee Manual.
  • Assure that clinic staff is trained on all active and passive modalities as well as phases of therapy based on ACT Training Manual
  • Monitor clinic staff duties and report any issues to ACT Corporate Administrator.
  • Must conduct an audit of released patient files and send to corporate within 48 hours.
  • Communicate productively with treating doctors in order to assure the efficiency of patient treatment.
  • Must have knowledge of PIP, 3rd party billing, health insurance protocol, insurance verification
  • Train Rehab Technicians on Therapy Protocols and upon hire perform walkthrough
  • Prioritize new patient scheduling and follow-ups
  • It is vital that to acknowledge ACT never refuses a patient
  • Must arrive at the clinic 10 minutes prior to shift start time.
  • Maintain daily and weekly schedule and communicate efficiently with HR Manager and Doctor
  • Assist corporate with any information needed and work on getting any pending issues in a timely manner.

Clinic Managers must be skilled in speaking, active listening, service orientation, writing & critical thinking as well as problem-solving.

We are looking for Rehab Techs for our offices located at:

  • 202 W. Central Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76164

Medical Assistant Role and Responsibilities

  • Front desk duties and tasks
  • Check patients in and explain new patient paperwork if needed
  • Receive and direct phone calls
  • Schedule appointments and follow up on returning patient appointments
  • Review all patient forms and consents to assure all items are properly completed
  • Check patients out and assure they are satisfied
  • Always obtain a copy of the patient ID
  • Assist in obtaining patient vitals
  • Manage inventory of medical supplies needed for treating physician
  • Maintain patient records
  • Prepare patients and patient rooms for exams
  • Assist treating physician with exams when needed
  • Abide by all clinical protocols implemented and follow up with patients when needed
  • It is vital that to acknowledge Infinity Care Medical Group never refuses a patient
  • Contact patients to reschedule any missed appointments as needed
  • Confirm all patient appointments by phone
  • Review and follow up with missing consents
  • Email, text, or give patients the Pharmacy information if they received prescriptions
  • Answer any pharmacy calls for medication questions
  • Email the clinics NP reports
  • Request Medical Records from previous providers if needed and/or ER records
  • Assist with following up with LOP requests
  • Check on faxes daily


Preferred Skills

Great communication skills and ability to problem-solve.

We offer Direct Hire, PTO, Health, Dental, and Vision benefits.

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